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Countries of the World in Chibi Anime

Chibi Animondos – Parte 19 – Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Rwanda and Sahrawi

Nineteenth part of Chibi Animondos Collection.

  • Chibi Poland: Lena Wojciechowski and Jakub Krawczyk
  • Chibi Portugal: Carolina Pinto and Rodrigo Oliveira
  • Chibi Puerto Rico: Ángel Cortés and Alondra López
  • Chibi Qatar: Maryam Al-Emadi and Hamza Al-Thani
  • Chibi Romania: Elena Teples and David Popescu
  • Chibi Russia: Sergei Smirnov and Kathya Kuznetsova
  • Chibi Rwanda: Olivier Bizimungu and Vestine Kabuga
  • Chibi Sahrawi: Zee Abdelaziz and Fadel Bassiri

The last part of the trilogy of the Argentina’s Independence. The last fight between South America vs Spain.

Animondos #35 The Retune of the King

England goes out to her regular shopping and realizes about the poverty of some euromondos and gets disgusted.

Animondos #30 The Empress' New Clothes

Angola as Chibi Anime Characters

Ana Clara Cardoso and João Kalanga from Angola as Chibi Anime Characters


Ana Clara Cardoso:
From: Luanda, Angola
Birthday: October 20
Ethnic Group: Ambundu
Likes: Beauty contests
Hates: Poverty
Favorite Food: Muamba de galinha
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Religion: Roman Catholic
Descendant of the Mbunda Kingdom, she’s a beauty and a diva; many consider her one of the most beautiful Animondos girls in the world.
João Kalanga:
From: Huambo, Angola
Birthday: November 11
Ethnic Group: Ovimbundu
Likes: Communism, War
Hates: Portugal
Favorite Food: Funge, Pirão
Favorite Sport: Batuque
Religion: Roman Catholic
The Angolan civil war mastermind. Beware of this guy, he’s bad news around

Animondos World Cup Group G

Animondos World Cup Group G

Animondos get ready for the Football World Cup at South Africa. In this edition we present the group “G” conformed by: Brazil, North Korea, Portugal, Cote D’ Ivioire

Flickr Album of Animondos

America´s Wallpaper from Animondos

Check out the new Flickr Album of Animondos, 100 countries in total!

The goal is to cover ALL THE WORLD, so les hope we can make it!


Thanks and enjoy!

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