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Countries of the World in Chibi Anime

Chibi Animondos – Part 5 – Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros and D. R. of the Congo

Fifth part of Chibi Animondos Collection.

  • Chibi Cape Verde: Enzo Lopes and Daphné de Sousa
  • Chibi Central African Republic: Jeanne Kolingba and Jean Boganda
  • Chibi Chad: Axelle Koulamallah and Mahamat Padacké
  • Chibi Chile: Sofia Muñoz and Agustín Rojas
  • Chibi China: Hui Wang and Xiaoyan Li
  • Chibi Colombia: Juan José Rodríguez and Valentina Sánchez
  • Chibi Comoros: Hamada Mohadji and Jumbe Sambi
  • Chibi Democratic Republic of the Congo: Antoine Ngouabi and Kimpa Bemba

Colombia as Chibi Anime Characters

Juan José Rodríguez and Valentina Sánchez from Colombia as Chibi Anime Characters.


Juan José Rodríguez:
From: Bogotá, Colombia
Birthday: July 20
Ethnic Group: Mestizo
Likes: Hunting his enemies
Hates: Drug Cartels, FARC
Favorite Food: Valluna, Ajiaco, Coffee
Favorite Sport: Football, Baseball
Religion: Roman Catholic
A cocaine addict in rehab, now he has his own veddetta against the drug warlords and the FARC. He also have a hate-love relationship with Venezuela.
Valentina Sánchez:
From: Medellín, Colombia
Birthday: July 4
Ethnic Group: White Colombian
Likes: Peace
Hates: Everybody tells her she’s a pussy
Favorite Food: Bandeja paisa
Favorite Sport: Roller skater, Cycling
Religion: Roman Catholic
She want’s to make Colombia a country of peace, trying to tame FARC. Nobody can tell if this is good or simply naive.

Animondos #39 The Negotiator

After a deadly fight between Colombia and Venezuela, both have been mortally wounded and Panama and Ecuador plan to share Colombia’s house… What will happen after these events?

Animondos #39 The Negotiator

Venezuela showed up at the Colombia’s Aniversary in order to kill him. A violent fight against both has begun. Who’ll be the winner of this combat?

Animondos #38 Mr. & Mrs. New Grenada

Animondos’ celebration of the Colombia Biccentenal are interrupted with the fight between him and Venezuela, who will success?

Animondos #37 Happy Bicentennial Colombia

animondos 23 the best friendsVenezuela has a big problem, everybody watches her when she is taking a shower. Sick of that she ask help to her loyaly friends: Bolivia and Cuba.


Flickr Album of Animondos

America´s Wallpaper from Animondos

Check out the new Flickr Album of Animondos, 100 countries in total!

The goal is to cover ALL THE WORLD, so les hope we can make it!


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