Collage de Animondos

Between June and October 2004, seeking a new way to make a hit in the world, Raptware created an animation idea that would make everybody show attention at they. The draft idea was about a teenager group in an exchange college, besides using names like America or England, they were more like John and Brittany.

Primeros Animondos

This brand-new animation was focused to Latin America, but we just needed a name and Raptware spend all night eating pizza and came up with an excelent name. As it was our first Animation and the theme was about people from the World (Mondo in italain), hence AniMondos.

Of course we didn’t had the resources or the manpower to make the animation, and it was frozen, until May 2009 when Doug of Raptware decided to retake the proyect, but this time like an Black and White Comic preserving the name, Animondos. But they will have their nation name (for make it easier to remember) and they won’t be more teenagers but a political satire. It came at life at May 17 2009.

animondos viejos

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