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Venezuela has found that the relationship between the United States and Cuba was more than just a commercial relationship. What would she do?

Animondos AmericaxCuba  (It's not Yaoi)



Countries of the World in Chibi Anime

Chibi Animondos - Part 3 - Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia, Botswana and Brazil

Third part of Chibi Animondos Collection.

  • Chibi Belgium: Charlotte Peeters and Adrién Dubois
  • Chibi Belize: Andy Moody and Maria Magaña
  • Chibi Benin: Fidele Sousa and Antoinette Dahissiho
  • Chibi Bhutan: Sanggyae Adhikari and Jamin Singh
  • Chibi Bolivia: José Ferreira and Juana Huaman
  • Chibi Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mira Jovanovic and Qasim Kovacevic
  • Chibi Botswana: Sheila Legwaila and Khama Melamu
  • Chibi Brazil: Thiago Carvalho and Giovanna Silva

Bolivia as Chibi Anime Characters

José Ferreira and Juana Huaman from Bolivia as Chibi Anime Characters.


José Ferreira:
From: La Paz, Bolivia
Birthday: August 6
Ethnic Group: Quechua
Likes: Isabella (Venezuela), Quechua culture
Hates: Chile, Capitalism, Westernism
Favorite Food: Salteñas
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Cult of Pachamama
He’s in love with Isabella (Venezuela) but he doesn’t dare to confess his love.
Juana Huaman:
From: Sucre, Bolivia
Birthday: February 7
Ethnic Group: Aymara
Likes: Nature, Biodiversity, Tarabuco
Hates: Deforestation
Favorite Food: Cuy meat
Favorite Sport: Dance
Religion: Roman Catholic
Juana loves the nature but everyday she gets sad seeing how the deforestation and the lack of water increases….

Animondos’ celebration of the Colombia Biccentenal are interrupted with the fight between him and Venezuela, who will success?

Animondos #37 Happy Bicentennial Colombia

The last part of the trilogy of the Argentina’s Independence. The last fight between South America vs Spain.

Animondos #35 The Retune of the King

Continuing with the Argentina’s history of Independence, she together with Paraguay and Uruguay decided to fight for their freedom while Spain was defeated by France

Animondos #34 Two and a Half Girls

animondos 23 the best friendsVenezuela has a big problem, everybody watches her when she is taking a shower. Sick of that she ask help to her loyaly friends: Bolivia and Cuba.


Animondos #6 Where’s Italy?

animondos 6 where is italy

As England and Argentina discuss, Italy seems to miss something very important. What could it be?

Animondos #5 Honduras’ Crisis

animondos 5 honduras crisis

Honduras has lost his house so Argentina and Bolivia seek help from America. What adventures await them with the America’s ideas?

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