Cuba as Chibi Anime Characters

Cuba as Chibi Anime Characters


Luis Ernesto García and Yanet Herrera from Cuba as Chibi Anime Characters.


Luis Ernesto García:
From: Havana, Cuba
Birthday: January 1
Ethnic Group: White Latin American
Likes: Absolute power, Communism (Own version), Sugarcane, Cigars, Medicine
Hates: USA, Capitalism
Favorite Food: Ropa Vieja, Boliche.
Favorite Sport: Baseball, Boxing
Religion: Atheist
A hunger power Animondo, he made a coup d’Etat to his Animonda and now he rules his country under his own communism version (people poor, he rich). Used to be maintained by Russia, but since the fall of the communism he has found a new victim to leech: Venezuela.
Brittany (USA extreme right wing) is always searching him to kill him.
Yanet Herrera:
From: Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Birthday: May 21
Ethnic Group: Mestizo
Likes: Singing, “Acting”, Being popular, Being snob
Hates: Communism, Socialism, any left wing ideas
Favorite Food: Cuba Libre, Moros y Cristianos
Favorite Sport: Athletism
Religion: Roman Catholic
She escaped from Cuba in a raft after the coup d’Etat, now she lives in Miami where she’s an actress on soap operas and latin pop singer.

Congo-Kinshasa as Chibi Anime Characters

Democratic Republic of the Congo as Chibi Anime Characters

Antoine Ngouabi and Kimpa Bemba from Democratic Republic of the Congo as Chibi Anime Characters.


Antoine Ngouabi:
From: M’banza-Kongo, Angola
Birthday: June 30
Ethnic Group: Kongo
Likes: Corruption, Absolute power
Hates: Rubber, Belgium, Communism
Favorite Food: Chikwanga
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
In the old times, he used to be the king of the Kongo Empire, but lost everything against Belgium who used his for rubber production in almost slavery conditions. When he earned his independency, he ruled again with all the power and corruption he could under the name of Zaire until he was overthrown.
Kimpa Bemba:
From: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Birthday: May 16
Ethnic Group: Mongo
Likes: Coup d’Etats, Sorcery
Hates: Rubber, Belgium, Slavery
Favorite Food: Ndakala
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Religion: Roman Catholic (sort off)
The actual ruler of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but she’s still in war with her Animondo. She used to be a oracle back in time…

Chile as Chibi Anime Characters

Chile as Chibi Anime Characters

Agustín Rojas and Sofia Muñoz from Chile as Chibi Anime Characters.


Agustín Rojas:
From: Valparaiso, Chile
Birthday: February 12
Ethnic Group: Caucasian
Likes: Copper, Making jokes, Scoff of poverty
Hates: Used to hate communism, now he is more tolerant; His neighbors: Bolivia, Peru and Argentina
Favorite Food: Asado Chileno, Estofado de cordero
Favorite Sport: Football, Rodeo
Religion: Roman Catholic
An ex-miner who rose to the power and tried to destroy the communism, causing hundred of deaths. Now everybody hates him. He tend to be sarcastic or smile when is inappropriate.
Sofia Muñoz:
From: Santiago, Chile
Birthday: September 18
Ethnic Group: Caucasian
Likes: Education, Protest, Communism, Cuba
Hates: Capitalism, Work
Favorite Food: Pastel de choclo, Chicha de manzana
Favorite Sport: Tennis
Religion: Atheist
A left-wing protester which goal in her life is that everybody can have university degree… even there’s no jobs for all.

Cambodia as Chibi Anime Characters

Cambodia as Chibi Anime Characters

Phy Solyna and Din Sunleang from Cambodia as Chibi Anime Characters.


Phy Solyna:
From: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Birthday: September 24
Ethnic Group: Khmer
Likes: Turism, Ankor Wat, Khmer classical dance
Hates: Disrespectful people
Favorite Food: Prahok
Favorite Sport: Khmer classical dance
Religion: Theravada Buddhism
Even she’s the queen of Cambodia, she doesn’t have any power and she’s used just like a symbol. She loves her culture and dancing.
Din Sunleang:
From: Ta Khmao, Cambodia
Birthday: November 9
Ethnic Group: Khmer
Likes: Power, Communism
Hates: Human Rights
Favorite Food: Amok
Favorite Sport: Traditional boat racing, Buffalo racing, Pradal Serey, Khmer traditional wrestling, Bokator
Religion: Theravada Buddhism
A communist dictator. He joined forces with Vietnam and URSS to gain the power he wanted. He doesn’t care to do some bloodsheds sometimes.


Azerbaijan as Chibi Anime Characters

Azerbaijan as Chibi Anime Characters

Leyla Mammadov and Jabrail Suleymanov from Azerbaijan as Chibi Anime Characters


Leyla Mammadov:
From: Baku, Azerbaijan
Birthday: October 18
Ethnic Group: Azerbaijani
Likes: Folk art, Azerbaijani carpet
Hates: Modernism (because people tend to forget their own culture)
Favorite Food: Bozbash
Favorite Sport: Dancing, Chess
Religion: Shia Islam
An Azerbaijani dancer, loves everything about her culture.
Jabrail Suleymanov:
From: Ganja, Azerbaijan
Birthday: May 28
Ethnic Group: Azerbaijani
Likes: Actual Azerbaijani Government
Hates: Armenia, Communism
Favorite Food: Qutab
Favorite Sport: Wrestling, Football
Religion: Shia Islam
A survivor of the Khojaly Massacre. He supports the actual Azerbaijani Government.

Austria as Chibi Anime Characters

Austria as Chibi Anime Characters

Matthias Wagner and Leonie Schwarz from Austria as Chibi Anime Characters


Matthias Wagner:
From: Vienna, Austria
Birthday: ???? (976)
Ethnic Group: Austrian
Likes: Classical Music, Opera
Hates: Modern music like hip-hop
Favorite Food: Wiener Schnitzel, Kaiserschmarren
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
A famous austrian musician. Can play mostly any musical instrument.
Leonie Schwarz:
From: Salzburg, Austria
Birthday:July 27
Ethnic Group: Austrian
Likes: Capitalism, Economy
Hates: Keynesian economics, Communism
Favorite Food: Apfelstrudel
Favorite Sport: Snowboarding
Religion: Roman Catholic
An economist and follower of the Austrian Economics School from Ludwig von Mises.

Angola as Chibi Anime Characters

Angola as Chibi Anime Characters

Ana Clara Cardoso and João Kalanga from Angola as Chibi Anime Characters


Ana Clara Cardoso:
From: Luanda, Angola
Birthday: October 20
Ethnic Group: Ambundu
Likes: Beauty contests
Hates: Poverty
Favorite Food: Muamba de galinha
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Religion: Roman Catholic
Descendant of the Mbunda Kingdom, she’s a beauty and a diva; many consider her one of the most beautiful Animondos girls in the world.
João Kalanga:
From: Huambo, Angola
Birthday: November 11
Ethnic Group: Ovimbundu
Likes: Communism, War
Hates: Portugal
Favorite Food: Funge, Pirão
Favorite Sport: Batuque
Religion: Roman Catholic
The Angolan civil war mastermind. Beware of this guy, he’s bad news around

Albania as Chibi Anime Characters

Albania as Chibi Anime Characters


Alesandro Hoxha and Uendi Dushku from Albania as Chibi Anime Characters.

Alesandro Hoxha:
From: Tirania, Albania
Birthday: March 2
Ethnic Group: Albanian
Likes: Nacionalism, his country
Hates: Taking showers
Favorite Food: Tavë kosi
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Sunni Islam
A not very clean albanian, but a very nice man.
Uendi Dushku:
From: Durrës, Albania
Birthday: November 29
Ethnic Group: Albanian
Likes: Literature, Communism
Hates: Capitalism, NATO
Favorite Food: Ohrid trout, Tarator
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Religion: Atheist
A philosopher albanian. Still wants to live in a communist country