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Countries of the World in Chibi Anime

Chibi Animondos – Part 22 – Somalia, South Africa, South Korea, South Sudan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Suriname


Twenty second part of Chibi Animondos Collection.

  • Chibi Somalia: Salaad Qalanjo and Ayaan Ibrahim
  • Chibi South Africa: Kayla Naidoo and Christopher Jacobs
  • Chibi South Korea: Han Shinbi and Kwon Seo-yeon
  • Chibi South Sudan: Theresa Bakosoro and Nyandeng Lobong
  • Chibi Spain: Manuel Navarro and Carla Álvarez
  • Chibi Sri Lanka: Nanda Jayawickrama and Gunadasa Thennakoon
  • Chibi Sudan: Abit Abdullah and Fazilah Al-Bashir
  • Chibi Suriname: Ravindu Scholten and Marijke Fikki

America’s Inamonda is at loose and is a pain in the ass of Israel, England and Japan. Would they obbey to their new liberal warlord?

Animondos #41 Political Incorrect

The Wikileaks website is destroying the America’s reputation showing his “secret files” about the Afghanistan war. How will America fight against this threat?

Animondos #40 Wikileaks

Animondos #25 U.N. Whores

animondos 25 UN whoresEverybody wants some attention at the U.N., pity this attention is only given to the rich and powerful animondos….


Animondos VS HetaliaSome fangirls had accused Animondos to be a plagiarism from Hetalia. Due I didn’t know about that manga when I started this webcomic I decided to investigate about it and… this is what I felt watching that… freaking homoerotic pedophile humorless manga.


animondos 19 america enemyNorth Korea is mad because America has just pulled out him from the “Terrorist List” and vows to return, and reclaim South Korea.


Animondos 16 The Nobel Peace Price LeaderAmerica is at economical crisis and he believes that a war will raise his economy. The only problem is, which country is the most viable to attack?

Of course that Nobel Peace Price suits well on him!




Animondos #9 The New Cold War

Animondos 9 The New Cold WarAmerica and Russia met after a while, but this meeting won’t be very friendly. A great tension can be feel on the Animonodos’ world.

Animondos #3 Pandemic

animondos 3 pandemicSomething mysterious takes by surprise to America and his group, but what could it be?

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