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Countries of the World in Chibi Anime

Chibi Animondos – Part 21 –  Serbia, Seychelles, Scotland, Sierra Leone, Singapour, Slovakia, Slovenia and Solomon IslandsTwenty first part of Chibi Animondos Collection.

  • Chibi Serbia: Teodora Markovic and Nik Ilic
  • Chibi Seychelles: Veronique Faure and Shawn Talma
  • Chibi Scotland: Ella Reid and Jack MacDonald
  • Chibi Sierra Leone: Martha Bockarie and Gabriel Conteh
  • Chibi Singapour: Ng Wong Tan and Yi Ling
  • Chibi Slovakia: Viktória Varga and Michal Balog
  • Chibi Slovenia: Lara Potocnik and Nejc Bizjak
  • Chibi Solomon Islands: Solomon Maemae and Wendy Suri

Bosnia and Herzegovina as Chibi Anime Characters

Mira Jovanovic and Qasim Kovacevic from Bosnia and Herzegovina as Chibi Anime Characters.


Mira Jovanovic:
From: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Birthday: November 25
Ethnic Group: Bosniak
Likes: Coffee drinking
Hates: Russia, Serbia
Favorite Food: Ćevapi
Favorite Sport: Football, Handball, Chess
Religion: Sunni Islam
She loves to drink coffee while playing chess with her friends
Qasim Kovacevic:
From: Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Birthday: March 1
Ethnic Group: Bosniak
Likes: Protest, Nacionalism
Hates: Different races
Favorite Food: Sarma
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Religion: Serbian Orthodox
A radical right wing protestor.

Animondos Grupo D Sudafrica 2010

Animondos Grupo D Sudafrica 2010

Animondos get ready for the Football World Cup at South Africa. In this edition we present the group “C” conformed by: Germany, Serbia, Australia and Ghana

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