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Venezuela has found that the relationship between the United States and Cuba was more than just a commercial relationship. What would she do?

Animondos AmericaxCuba  (It's not Yaoi)




Ethan Wilson and Madison Jackson from the United States.

United States and Iran have reached a nuclear deal, but what would the ultra right wing think about this issue?

Mini Animondos: The Communist Terrorist Kenyan Dictator

United States has a very important message for the Animondos’ readers.

Mini Animondos: Announcement,  Announcement

Animondos. The wrath of ISIS - Cover

A new threat has appeared in the Animondos‘ world: The Islamic State, better known as ISIS.

Animondos #43 Happy 200 Mexico

Undoubtedly September Eleven is the least favorite date for our friend America. How he still handle this date?

Animondos #42 September Eleven

The Wikileaks website is destroying the America’s reputation showing his “secret files” about the Afghanistan war. How will America fight against this threat?

Animondos #40 Wikileaks

Happy July 4th

July 4th is the day that the democracy was born, also the freedom speech, the hamburger, the world police, the women’s rights, the racial equality, the monopoly, and more.

For that and more, Happy Aniversary America!

Happy July 4th

Israel has raid a Gaza-bound aid flotilla on Onternational waters. Will he pay this crime?

Animondos #32 The Bad Neighbor


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