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Animondos #43 Happy 200 Mexico

Undoubtedly September Eleven is the least favorite date for our friend America. How he still handle this date?

Animondos #42 September Eleven

The Wikileaks website is destroying the America’s reputation showing his “secret files” about the Afghanistan war. How will America fight against this threat?

Animondos #40 Wikileaks

Happy July 4th

July 4th is the day that the democracy was born, also the freedom speech, the hamburger, the world police, the women’s rights, the racial equality, the monopoly, and more.

For that and more, Happy Aniversary America!

Happy July 4th

Israel has raid a Gaza-bound aid flotilla on Onternational waters. Will he pay this crime?

Animondos #32 The Bad Neighbor

Mexico and America discuss about the Arizona’s new law that discriminates Mexico. Will Mexico convince America to disaprove that law?

Animondos #31From Arizona with Love

The Arabmondos have declared a Holy War, or jihad, to America. Will our “hero” America survive to these multiple terrorist attacks?
Animondos #28 Kneel before Mohammed

The Arabmondos talk about don’t stereotype them as terrorists but America is willing to disapprove this. Will he success?

Animondos #27 "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Drawn"

Animondos #26 Nuclear Healing


animondos 26 Nuclear HealingAmerica shows to the Animondos his brand-new nuclear policy, along with Russia and China


Animondos #25 U.N. Whores

animondos 25 UN whoresEverybody wants some attention at the U.N., pity this attention is only given to the rich and powerful animondos….



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