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England Sexy Wallpaper – Animondos –

England Sexy Wallpaper (2560 x 1600) starring Elizabeth Wellesley with her national dress based in the Morris Dancer outfit.

England Wallpaper Animondos

England Wallpaper HD (2560 x 1600) starring Elizabeth Wellesley and George Walker with their folk costumes at the Big Ben.

Countries of the World in Chibi Anime

Chibi Animondos – Part 7 – Dominica, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, England, Equatorial Guinea

Seventh part of Chibi Animondos Collection.

  • Chibi Dominica: Pauline Waugh and Joseph Green
  • Chibi Dominican Republic: Diego Marte and Leticia Padilla
  • Chibi East Timor: Norberto Sarmento and Adalgisa Santos
  • Chibi Ecuador: Andrea Solís and Carlos Moreno
  • Chibi Egypt: Moustafa El-Shawan and Samira Bakhoum
  • Chibi El Salvador: Edgar Reyes and Lucero Flores
  • Chibi England: Elizabeth Wellesley and Robert Williams
  • Chibi Equatorial Guinea: Juan Manuel Nguema and Milagrosa Coka

England as Chibi Anime Characters

Elizabeth Wellesley and George Walker from England as Chibi Anime Characters


Elizabeth Wellesley:
From: Westminster, London
Birthday: September 28
Ethnic Group: English
Likes: Snob parties, Jewerly, Rich Society
Hates: Poverty (not like in a pity way, she fells ill aside them)
Favorite Food: Tea
Favorite Sport: Cricket, Polo
Religion: Anglican Communion

A rick girl who supposedly share some blood with the English royalty.

George Walker:
From: Hackney, London
Birthday: October 14
Ethnic Group: English
Likes: Watching Football, Fighting
Hates: Minorities, People who calls Football “Soccer”
Favorite Food: Fish & Chips, Beer
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: White Supremacy
A poor and racial hooligan from the London’s slums.

America’s Inamonda is at loose and is a pain in the ass of Israel, England and Japan. Would they obbey to their new liberal warlord?

Animondos #41 Political Incorrect

Animondos #32 The Bad Neighbor

Israel has raid a Gaza-bound aid flotilla on Onternational waters. Will he pay this crime?

Animondos #32 The Bad Neighbor

England goes out to her regular shopping and realizes about the poverty of some euromondos and gets disgusted.

Animondos #30 The Empress' New Clothes

The Arabmondos talk about don’t stereotype them as terrorists but America is willing to disapprove this. Will he success?

Animondos #27 "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Drawn"

Argentina as Chibi Anime Characters

Agustina Rodríguez and Benjamín Fernández from Argentina as Chibi Anime Characters
Agustina Rodríguez:
From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Birthday: May 25
Ethnic Group: European descent
Likes: Herself
Hates: England
Favorite Food: Asado, Milk Candy
Favorite Sport: Football, Pato
Religion: Roman Catholic

A beautiful argentine girl who had fell in love with herself. She hates England because she has Falklands Islands and she’s obsessed  on getting it back


Benjamín Fernández:
From: Córdoba, Argentina
Birthday: May 1
Ethnic Group: European descent
Likes: Tango
Hates: Being called racist
Favorite Food: Churrasco, Chorizo
Favorite Sport: Dancing Tango, Basketball
Religion: Roman Catholic

A snob tango dancer who believes Argentina is better than any other country.

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