Croatia as Chibi Anime Characters

Croatia as Chibi Anime Characters

Lana Novak and Luka Horvat from Croatia as Chibi Anime Characters.


Lana Novak:
From: Zagreb, Croatia
Birthday: June 25
Ethnic Group: Croat
Likes: Her dalmatian dog
Hates: Conservatives, Neonazism
Favorite Food: Meso z tiblice, Goulash, Fritule
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
A progresist Animonda, but sometimes she can be a little unstable. Beware of her dog, it bites…
Luka Horvat:
From: Split, Croatia
Birthday: December 4
Ethnic Group: Croat
Likes: Helping people
Hates: Opposition
Favorite Food: Zagorski Štrukli, Wine
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Atheist
For some time he was the dictator of Yugoslavia, he was seen as a benevolent dictator.

Algeria as Chibi Anime Characters

Algeria as Chibi Anime Characters

Karima Hannachi and Omar Zidane from Algeria as Chibi Anime Characters.


Karima Hannachi:
From: Oran, Algeria
Birthday: July 3
Ethnic Group: Berber
Likes: France, Music, Hedonism
Hates: Law
Favorite Food: Makroudh, Nougat, Asida, Wine
Favorite Sport: Football, Handball
Religion: Sunni Islam
A musician berber that loves to drink and get relaxed. Used to hate France and fought him, but now she misses him a lot, she developed a kind of crush on him.
Khaperai Sherzai:
From: Algiers, Algeria
Birthday: ???? (1516)
Ethnic Group: Berber
Likes: Piracy, War
Hates: France
Favorite Food: Couscou, Lamb shanks
Favorite Sport: Swordsmanship, Swimming
Religion: Sunni Islam
An old berber who lived when Algeria was still the Algeria’s Privateers era. Had a lot of money and slaves until was conquered by France, since then he hates him.