Andorra as Chibi Anime Characters

Andorra as Chibi Anime Characters

Francesca Ferrer and Arnau Martell from Andorra as Chibi Anime Characters.


Francesca Ferrer:
From: Catalonia, Spain
Birthday: July 12
Ethnic Group: Catalan
Likes: Free life, harvesting
Hates: Taxes
Favorite Food: Escudella
Favorite Sport: Rolley Hockey
Religion: Roman Catholic
Francesca escaped from Spain to evade taxes. Now she cultivates tobacco
Arnau Martell:
From: Andorra la Vella, Andorra
Birthday: ???? (1278)
Ethnic Group: Andorran
Likes: Free life, easy going
Hates: Outside world news
Favorite Food: Pa amb tomàquet
Favorite Sport: Rugby
Religion: Roman Catholic
Arnau has lived all his life isolated in Andorra and cares nothing about the outside world.