Afghanistan as Chibi Anime Characters

Afghanistan as chibi anime characters. Animondos


Ahmad Khan and Khaperai Sherzai from Afghanistan as Chibi Anime Characters.


Ahmad Khan:
From: Kabul, Afghanistan
Birthday: April 28
Ethnic Group: Pashtun
Likes: Terrorism, Sunni Islam
Hates: Shia Islam, USA
Favorite Food: Doesn’t have
Favorite Sport: Doesn’t have
Religion: Sunni Islam
A Taliban terrorist who wants to destroy everything different at his religion.
Khaperai Sherzai:
From: Kandarhan, Afghanistan
Birthday: August 19
Ethnic Group: Tajik
Likes: Afghan Music, Bollywood films
Hates: Terrorism
Favorite Food: Qabili Palao
Favorite Sport: Cricket
Religion: Sunni Islam
An afghan survivor who doesn’t give up in living, dreams with peace and freedom from the Taliban.