Congo-Kinshasa as Chibi Anime Characters

Democratic Republic of the Congo as Chibi Anime Characters

Antoine Ngouabi and Kimpa Bemba from Democratic Republic of the Congo as Chibi Anime Characters.


Antoine Ngouabi:
From: M’banza-Kongo, Angola
Birthday: June 30
Ethnic Group: Kongo
Likes: Corruption, Absolute power
Hates: Rubber, Belgium, Communism
Favorite Food: Chikwanga
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
In the old times, he used to be the king of the Kongo Empire, but lost everything against Belgium who used his for rubber production in almost slavery conditions. When he earned his independency, he ruled again with all the power and corruption he could under the name of Zaire until he was overthrown.
Kimpa Bemba:
From: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Birthday: May 16
Ethnic Group: Mongo
Likes: Coup d’Etats, Sorcery
Hates: Rubber, Belgium, Slavery
Favorite Food: Ndakala
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Religion: Roman Catholic (sort off)
The actual ruler of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but she’s still in war with her Animondo. She used to be a oracle back in time…

Belize as Chibi Anime Characters

Belize as Chibi Anime Characters


Maria Magaña and Andy Moody from Belize as Chibi Anime Characters.


Maria Magaña:
From: Belmopan, Belize
Birthday: ??? (1500 BC)
Ethnic Group: Mayan
Likes: Mayan Culture
Hates: Spanish conquest, Modernism
Favorite Food: Caldo, Tamales
Favorite Sport: Cycling
Religion: Maya religion
A mayan girl who wants to revive the Mayan culture worldwide.
Andy Moody:
From: Belize City, Belize
Birthday: September 21
Ethnic Group: Hispanic Belizean
Likes: Easy life
Hates: Slavery, Sugar
Favorite Food: Fry Jack
Favorite Sport: Fishing
Religion: Roman Catholic
Used to be a sugar harvesting slave in old times, now he spends his life fishing..

Bahamas as Chibi Anime Characters

Bahamas as Chibi Anime Characters

Kamilah Cherry and Edner Pindling from Bahamas as Chibi Anime Characters


Kamilah Cherry:
From: Nassau, Bahamas
Birthday: July 10
Ethnic Group: Afro-Bahamian
Likes: Junkanoo Carnival, Calypso and Soca music
Hates: Slavery
Favorite Food: Pigeon peas, Peas and rice
Favorite Sport: Sloop sailing
Religion: Baptist
Used to be an slave, but now she’s free and loves to party.
Edner Pindling:
From: Freeport, Bahamas
Birthday: ???? (1720)
Ethnic Group: Afro-Bahamian
Likes: Pirates, Story Telling
Hates: Not being a real pirate
Favorite Food: Rum, Conch
Favorite Sport: Basketball, American Football, Baseball
Religion: Baptist
Since child, he admired the pirates, in special Blackbeard. He now tells tales about piracy.

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