Bahrain as Chibi Anime Characters

Bahrain as Chibi Anime Characters

Yasmeen Hassan and Yazam Mahmood from Bahrain as Chibi Anime Characters.


Yasmeen Hassan:
From: Manama, Bahrain
Birthday: August 15
Ethnic Group: Baharna
Likes: Khaliji music
Hates: Obesity
Favorite Food: Gahwa
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Shia Islam
A girl obsesed with her shape. She’s always in diets.
Yazam Mahmood:
From: Muharraq, Bahrain
Birthday: ???? (1783)
Ethnic Group: Ajam
Likes: Pearl Diving
Hates: Intolerance
Favorite Food: Halwa Showaiter
Favorite Sport: Grand Prix
Religion: Shia Islam
A very tolerant muslim. He supports same sex marriages and laicity.

Azerbaijan as Chibi Anime Characters

Azerbaijan as Chibi Anime Characters

Leyla Mammadov and Jabrail Suleymanov from Azerbaijan as Chibi Anime Characters


Leyla Mammadov:
From: Baku, Azerbaijan
Birthday: October 18
Ethnic Group: Azerbaijani
Likes: Folk art, Azerbaijani carpet
Hates: Modernism (because people tend to forget their own culture)
Favorite Food: Bozbash
Favorite Sport: Dancing, Chess
Religion: Shia Islam
An Azerbaijani dancer, loves everything about her culture.
Jabrail Suleymanov:
From: Ganja, Azerbaijan
Birthday: May 28
Ethnic Group: Azerbaijani
Likes: Actual Azerbaijani Government
Hates: Armenia, Communism
Favorite Food: Qutab
Favorite Sport: Wrestling, Football
Religion: Shia Islam
A survivor of the Khojaly Massacre. He supports the actual Azerbaijani Government.