Fiji as Chibi Anime Characters

Fiji as Chibi Anime Characters

Thomas Dinesh and Selina Paayal from Fiji as Chibi Anime Characters.


Thomas Dinesh:
From: Suva, Fiji
Birthday: October 10
Ethnic Group: Melanesian
Likes: Coup d’états, Fijian Warriors
Hates: Democracy
Favorite Food: Coconut, Lovo
Favorite Sport: Rugby
Religion: Methodist
Old chief of the Fiji Islands, he has never liked the democracy and prefers the absolute power, each time her Animonda wins an presidential election, he goes and make her a Coup d’Etat.
Selina Paayal:
From: Lautoka, Fiji
Birthday: October 7
Ethnic Group: Melanesian
Likes: Weaving, Fijian Crafting
Hates: Coup d’états
Favorite Food: Coconut, Kokoda
Favorite Sport: Tiqa, Ulutoa, Veisaga, Veisolo
Religion: Methodist
She’s a traditional fiji islander, she loves her culture and tries to perserve it the most. She wants peace in her country but his Animondo doesn’t want to leave the power, and each time she wins elections democraticaly, her Animondo overthrows her

Botswana as Chibi Anime Characters

Botswana as Chibi Anime Characters

Sheila Legwaila and Khama Melamu from Botswana as Chibi Anime Characters.


Sheila Legwaila:
From: Gaborone, Botswana
Birthday: September 30
Ethnic Group: Tswana
Likes: Setswana (Culture of Botswana), Crafting, Diamonds
Hates: Hunger, Poverty
Favorite Food: Vetkoek
Favorite Sport: Rugby, Football
Religion: Anglican Communion
A very caring Animonda. She works very hard to make her country prosper.
Khama Melamu:
From: Molepolole, Botswana
Birthday: ???? (500 AD)
Ethnic Group: Tswana
Likes: Safari, Tourism
Hates: Hunting
Favorite Food: Seswaa
Favorite Sport: Cricket
Religion: Anglican Communion
A anti-hunting Safari Animondo, he preserves natural safaris for tourists to visit

Australia as Chibi Anime Characters

Australia as Chibi Anime Characters

Oliver Anderson and Olivia Taylor from Australia as Chibi Anime Characters


Oliver Anderson:
From: Canberra, Australia
Birthday: October 9
Ethnic Group: Australian
Likes: Party, Surfing, going to the beach
Hates: Whale Hunting, Boring people
Favorite Food: Kangaroo meat
Favorite Sport: Rugby, Football
Religion: Anglican Communion
An ex-convict with a lot of sense of humor. Loves to party with his friends with some good beer and BBQ
Olivia Taylor:
From: Sydney, Australia
Birthday: March 3
Ethnic Group: Australian
Likes: Hunting cocrodiles, Safaris
Hates: Animal Rights
Favorite Food: Crocodile meat
Favorite Sport: Swimming, Cricket
Religion: Roman Catholic
The real Cocrodile hunter. If there’s a lizard, she’ll tease it and hunt it!

Andorra as Chibi Anime Characters

Andorra as Chibi Anime Characters

Francesca Ferrer and Arnau Martell from Andorra as Chibi Anime Characters.


Francesca Ferrer:
From: Catalonia, Spain
Birthday: July 12
Ethnic Group: Catalan
Likes: Free life, harvesting
Hates: Taxes
Favorite Food: Escudella
Favorite Sport: Rolley Hockey
Religion: Roman Catholic
Francesca escaped from Spain to evade taxes. Now she cultivates tobacco
Arnau Martell:
From: Andorra la Vella, Andorra
Birthday: ???? (1278)
Ethnic Group: Andorran
Likes: Free life, easy going
Hates: Outside world news
Favorite Food: Pa amb tomàquet
Favorite Sport: Rugby
Religion: Roman Catholic
Arnau has lived all his life isolated in Andorra and cares nothing about the outside world.