England as Chibi Anime Characters

England as Chibi Anime Characters

Elizabeth Wellesley and George Walker from England as Chibi Anime Characters


Elizabeth Wellesley:
From: Westminster, London
Birthday: September 28
Ethnic Group: English
Likes: Snob parties, Jewerly, Rich Society
Hates: Poverty (not like in a pity way, she fells ill aside them)
Favorite Food: Tea
Favorite Sport: Cricket, Polo
Religion: Anglican Communion

A rick girl who supposedly share some blood with the English royalty.

George Walker:
From: Hackney, London
Birthday: October 14
Ethnic Group: English
Likes: Watching Football, Fighting
Hates: Minorities, People who calls Football “Soccer”
Favorite Food: Fish & Chips, Beer
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: White Supremacy
A poor and racial hooligan from the London’s slums.

Barbados as Chibi Anime Characters

Barbados as Chibi Anime Characters

Ashley Fenty and Clyde Boyce from Barbados as Chibi Anime Characters.


Ashley Fenty:
From: Saint Michael, Barbados
Birthday: February 20
Ethnic Group: Afro-Barbadian
Likes: Reggae and Pop Music, Philanthropy
Hates: Abusive boyfriends
Favorite Food: Souse, Black pudding
Favorite Sport: Dancing, Polo
Religion: Anglican Communion
A pop diva, she likes lot of attention but also has bad luck among guys.
Clyde Boyce:
From: Bridgetown, Barbados
Birthday: November 30
Ethnic Group: Afro-Barbadian
Likes: Crop Over festival
Hates: Hurricanes
Favorite Food: Cou-Cou, Flying Fish
Favorite Sport: Cricket
Religion: Anglican Communion
A barbadian sugar harvester, who once lose everything in a great hurricane.