Bahamas as Chibi Anime Characters

Bahamas as Chibi Anime Characters

Kamilah Cherry and Edner Pindling from Bahamas as Chibi Anime Characters


Kamilah Cherry:
From: Nassau, Bahamas
Birthday: July 10
Ethnic Group: Afro-Bahamian
Likes: Junkanoo Carnival, Calypso and Soca music
Hates: Slavery
Favorite Food: Pigeon peas, Peas and rice
Favorite Sport: Sloop sailing
Religion: Baptist
Used to be an slave, but now she’s free and loves to party.
Edner Pindling:
From: Freeport, Bahamas
Birthday: ???? (1720)
Ethnic Group: Afro-Bahamian
Likes: Pirates, Story Telling
Hates: Not being a real pirate
Favorite Food: Rum, Conch
Favorite Sport: Basketball, American Football, Baseball
Religion: Baptist
Since child, he admired the pirates, in special Blackbeard. He now tells tales about piracy.

Algeria as Chibi Anime Characters

Algeria as Chibi Anime Characters

Karima Hannachi and Omar Zidane from Algeria as Chibi Anime Characters.


Karima Hannachi:
From: Oran, Algeria
Birthday: July 3
Ethnic Group: Berber
Likes: France, Music, Hedonism
Hates: Law
Favorite Food: Makroudh, Nougat, Asida, Wine
Favorite Sport: Football, Handball
Religion: Sunni Islam
A musician berber that loves to drink and get relaxed. Used to hate France and fought him, but now she misses him a lot, she developed a kind of crush on him.
Khaperai Sherzai:
From: Algiers, Algeria
Birthday: ???? (1516)
Ethnic Group: Berber
Likes: Piracy, War
Hates: France
Favorite Food: Couscou, Lamb shanks
Favorite Sport: Swordsmanship, Swimming
Religion: Sunni Islam
An old berber who lived when Algeria was still the Algeria’s Privateers era. Had a lot of money and slaves until was conquered by France, since then he hates him.