France as Chibi Anime Characters

France as Chibi Anime Characters

François Petit and Marianne Moreau from France as Chibi Anime Characters.

François Petit:
From: Paris, France
Birthday: July 14
Ethnic Group: French
Likes: Smoking, Wine, Poetry
Hates: People who doesn’t understand his high ethics and intellect like Ethan (United States)
Favorite Food: Crêpe, Pot au feu, Mille-feuille, Champagne wine, Roquefort cheese, Cassoulet
Favorite Sport: Football, Parkour
Religion: Agnostic
A pessimist poet who is always whining about everything.
Marianne Moreau:
From: Versailles, France
Birthday: October 5
Ethnic Group: French
Likes: Modeling, Love movies, PETA
Hates: Gay people, Meat-eating people
Favorite Food: Ratatouille, Mesclun Salad, Crème brûlée
Favorite Sport: Tennis, Cycling, Savate
Religion: Roman Catholic
A beautiful tree-hugger model who loves animals more that people. She’s an hardcore activist from PETA.

Canada as Chibi Anime Characters

Canada as Chibi Anime Characters

Emily Campbell and Liam Smith from Canada as Chibi Anime Characters.


Emily Campbell:
From: Toronto, Canada
Birthday: July 1
Ethnic Group: European Canadian
Likes: Awful Pop Music, Awful comedy, Awful movies
Hates: Nobody knows her
Favorite Food: Montreal-style smoked meat, Peameal bacon
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Religion: Roman Catholic
Nobody knows her and she’s desesperate for attention. She’ll do ANYTHING for being known.
Liam Smith:
From: Vancouver, Canada
Birthday: April 17
Ethnic Group: European Canadian
Likes: Lumberjack, Salmon Fishing, Seal clubbing
Hates: PETA, Greenpeace
Favorite Food: Maple syrup, Salmon jerky
Favorite Sport: Hockey
Religion: United Church of Canada
A redneck lumberjack who lives in the forest. He doesn’t know too much about civilization. PETA and Greenpeace are hunting him in order to kill him.