Guatemala as Chibi Anime Characters

Guatemala as Chibi Anime Characters

Miguel Pavón and Margarita Alarcón from Guatemala as Chibi Anime Characters.


Miguel Pavón:
From: Mixco, Guatemala
Birthday: ???? (2,000 BC)
Ethnic Group: K’iche’ Mayan
Likes: Mayan Culture, Peasant with decent life
Hates: His Animonda, United States, Spain
Favorite Food: Chuchitos
Favorite Sport: Football, Pitz (Mayan Ballgame)
Religion: Roman Catholic (but practices Mayan faith)
Used to be the all powerful K’iche’ Mayan Empire until was defeated by Spain. After his independence he was servant of his Animonda until her dictatorship was overthrown. When finally he had the power to improve his country, United States overthrown him again accusing him of communist and put again to his Animonda in power, tortured him in a lot of bloody slaughters… and the rest is history!
Margarita Alarcón:
From: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Birthday: September 15
Ethnic Group: Mestizo
Likes: Power, Money, Greed, United States, Drug Dealing
Hates: Indigenous people
Favorite Food: Fiambre, Tamales
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
A cruel dictator militar maniac, supported by the United States, has created chaos and distortion in Guatemala, ruling it with iron fist and bloody coup d’etats.

Belize as Chibi Anime Characters

Belize as Chibi Anime Characters


Maria Magaña and Andy Moody from Belize as Chibi Anime Characters.


Maria Magaña:
From: Belmopan, Belize
Birthday: ??? (1500 BC)
Ethnic Group: Mayan
Likes: Mayan Culture
Hates: Spanish conquest, Modernism
Favorite Food: Caldo, Tamales
Favorite Sport: Cycling
Religion: Maya religion
A mayan girl who wants to revive the Mayan culture worldwide.
Andy Moody:
From: Belize City, Belize
Birthday: September 21
Ethnic Group: Hispanic Belizean
Likes: Easy life
Hates: Slavery, Sugar
Favorite Food: Fry Jack
Favorite Sport: Fishing
Religion: Roman Catholic
Used to be a sugar harvesting slave in old times, now he spends his life fishing..