Comoros as Chibi Anime Characters

Comoros as Chibi Anime Characters

Jumbe Sambi and Hamada Mohadji from Comoros as Chibi Anime Characters.


Jumbe Sambi:
From: Morini, Comoros
Birthday: July 6
Ethnic Group: Comorian
Likes: Pray
Hates: Poverty
Favorite Food: Chicken in coconut milk
Favorite Sport: Track and Field
Religion: Sunni Islam
A poor vanilla and pepper harvester.
Hamada Mohadji:
From: Mutsamudu, Comoros
Birthday: ???? (632)
Ethnic Group: Comorian
Likes: French Culture
Hates: Don’t having Mayotte
Favorite Food: Le Me Tsolola
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Sunni Islam
The ruler of Comoros, he wats to possess the Mayotte Island.