Bahamas as Chibi Anime Characters

Bahamas as Chibi Anime Characters

Kamilah Cherry and Edner Pindling from Bahamas as Chibi Anime Characters


Kamilah Cherry:
From: Nassau, Bahamas
Birthday: July 10
Ethnic Group: Afro-Bahamian
Likes: Junkanoo Carnival, Calypso and Soca music
Hates: Slavery
Favorite Food: Pigeon peas, Peas and rice
Favorite Sport: Sloop sailing
Religion: Baptist
Used to be an slave, but now she’s free and loves to party.
Edner Pindling:
From: Freeport, Bahamas
Birthday: ???? (1720)
Ethnic Group: Afro-Bahamian
Likes: Pirates, Story Telling
Hates: Not being a real pirate
Favorite Food: Rum, Conch
Favorite Sport: Basketball, American Football, Baseball
Religion: Baptist
Since child, he admired the pirates, in special Blackbeard. He now tells tales about piracy.