Congo-Brazzaville as Chibi Anime Characters

Congo as Chibi Anime Characters

Odry Kabila and Divine Youlou from Republic of the Congo as Chibi Anime Characters.


Odry Kabila:
From: Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo
Birthday: August 15
Ethnic Group: Kongo
Likes: Pygmies Slavery, Decive followers with fake magic
Hates: Human Rights, Capitalism, Science, Medicine
Favorite Food: Fufu
Favorite Sport: Doesn’t have
Religion: Traditional African religion
A shamman who has ruled Congo-Brazzaville since its independence, some coup d’etats have happened but he’s still on charge. Can fancy his followers with fake magic tricks. Algo denies his people appropriate healthcare, calling it “colonialism medicine”
Divine Youlou:
From: Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo
Birthday: September 10
Ethnic Group: Kongo
Likes: Peace, France
Hates: Poverty, VIH
Favorite Food: Moambe
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
Used to support France when he ruled her country, but since the rise of power of his Animondo, now she lives in extreme poverty.

Cambodia as Chibi Anime Characters

Cambodia as Chibi Anime Characters

Phy Solyna and Din Sunleang from Cambodia as Chibi Anime Characters.


Phy Solyna:
From: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Birthday: September 24
Ethnic Group: Khmer
Likes: Turism, Ankor Wat, Khmer classical dance
Hates: Disrespectful people
Favorite Food: Prahok
Favorite Sport: Khmer classical dance
Religion: Theravada Buddhism
Even she’s the queen of Cambodia, she doesn’t have any power and she’s used just like a symbol. She loves her culture and dancing.
Din Sunleang:
From: Ta Khmao, Cambodia
Birthday: November 9
Ethnic Group: Khmer
Likes: Power, Communism
Hates: Human Rights
Favorite Food: Amok
Favorite Sport: Traditional boat racing, Buffalo racing, Pradal Serey, Khmer traditional wrestling, Bokator
Religion: Theravada Buddhism
A communist dictator. He joined forces with Vietnam and URSS to gain the power he wanted. He doesn’t care to do some bloodsheds sometimes.


Belarus as Chibi Anime Characters

Belarus as Chibi Anime Characters


Natsya Ivanou and Ivan Novik from Belarus as Chibi Anime Characters.


Natsya Ivanou:
From: Minsk, Belarus
Birthday: January 1
Ethnic Group: Belarusian
Likes: Corruption, Absolute power, Russia
Hates: Human rights, Capitalism, Europe
Favorite Food: Draniki
Favorite Sport: Ice Hockey
Religion: Atheist
A die hard communist who is in love with Russia and wants to create a new URSS with him.
Ivan Novik:
From: Brest, Belarus
Birthday: July 27
Ethnic Group: Belarusian
Likes: Religion
Hates: Communism, his government, Russia
Favorite Food: Finger-stuffed sausage
Favorite Sport: Tennis
Religion: Eastern Orthodoxy
An opossition leader who want to westernize more his country.