Germany as Chibi Anime Characters

Germany as Chibi Anime Characters

Hans Müller and Emma Schneider from Germany as Chibi Anime Characters.


Hans Müller:
From: Hamburg, Germany
Birthday: February 2
Ethnic Group: German
Likes: Perfectionism, Hard Working, Euro, German Opera, Sports
Hates: Marxism, England, Turkey, European countries who doesn’t want to form part of his empire, Recall the Third Reich in front of him.
Favorite Food: Bratwurst, Sauerbraten, Schwarzwurst
Favorite Sport: Football, Wintersports, Boxing, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, Ice hockey, Tennis, Horse riding, Golf, Sailing, Rowing, Swimming, Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, Underwater diving, Fishing, Powerboating, Yachting (yes, he practice all of them)
Religion: Protestant Church in Germany
A former spoiled brat, Hans has became a formidable and perfectionist Animondo. Hard working is his motto and he’s always trying to become the best in everything. Russia to control him made him and her Animonda drunks, however he’s now sober and recuperated; he used to be fat and now he’s slim and ready to conquest Europe again… with the Euro.
Emma Schneider:
From: Berlin, Germany
Birthday: October 3
Ethnic Group: German
Likes: Drinking Beer, Oktoberfest
Hates: Marxism, Hangover, The memories of her crude past
Favorite Food: Beer, Pretzels
Favorite Sport: Football, Volleyball
Religion: Roman Catholic
Former Prussia and then East Germany as a socialist slave living within the Berlin Wall, the only way she could support all her suffering and hate was repress it with beer. Now that she’s free, she fells very gratefully with her Animondo and with the western world for her freedom. However inside her there’s still a sleeping beast waiting to awake.


Belize as Chibi Anime Characters

Belize as Chibi Anime Characters


Maria Magaña and Andy Moody from Belize as Chibi Anime Characters.


Maria Magaña:
From: Belmopan, Belize
Birthday: ??? (1500 BC)
Ethnic Group: Mayan
Likes: Mayan Culture
Hates: Spanish conquest, Modernism
Favorite Food: Caldo, Tamales
Favorite Sport: Cycling
Religion: Maya religion
A mayan girl who wants to revive the Mayan culture worldwide.
Andy Moody:
From: Belize City, Belize
Birthday: September 21
Ethnic Group: Hispanic Belizean
Likes: Easy life
Hates: Slavery, Sugar
Favorite Food: Fry Jack
Favorite Sport: Fishing
Religion: Roman Catholic
Used to be a sugar harvesting slave in old times, now he spends his life fishing..