Barbados as Chibi Anime Characters

Barbados as Chibi Anime Characters

Ashley Fenty and Clyde Boyce from Barbados as Chibi Anime Characters.


Ashley Fenty:
From: Saint Michael, Barbados
Birthday: February 20
Ethnic Group: Afro-Barbadian
Likes: Reggae and Pop Music, Philanthropy
Hates: Abusive boyfriends
Favorite Food: Souse, Black pudding
Favorite Sport: Dancing, Polo
Religion: Anglican Communion
A pop diva, she likes lot of attention but also has bad luck among guys.
Clyde Boyce:
From: Bridgetown, Barbados
Birthday: November 30
Ethnic Group: Afro-Barbadian
Likes: Crop Over festival
Hates: Hurricanes
Favorite Food: Cou-Cou, Flying Fish
Favorite Sport: Cricket
Religion: Anglican Communion
A barbadian sugar harvester, who once lose everything in a great hurricane.