Ethiopia as Chibi Anime Characters

Ethiopia as Chibi Anime Characters

Eden Dibaba and Samuel Gessesse from Ethiopia as Chibi Anime Characters.


Eden Dibaba:
From: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Birthday: ??? (980 BC)
Ethnic Group: Amhara
Likes: Her country, Ethiopian Culture
Hates: Poor sanitation, Malnutrition, Lack of Clean Water, AIDS
Favorite Food: Coffee, Injera
Favorite Sport: Athletics
Religion: Ethiopian Orthodox, but she used to be jewish.
A prideful Animonda, she was known as the only Animondo from Africa to be unconquered by any European Animondo and became the model role of all the Animondos in Africa. She have some severe problems with lack of clean water.
Samuel Gessesse:
From: Mek’ele, Ethiopia
Birthday: ??? (100 BC)
Ethnic Group: Oromo
Likes: Power, Violence
Hates: Lack of power
Favorite Food: Chechebsa
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Sunni Islam, but can be exchangable according to his need of power
As ancient as his Animonda, he’s known because his violent nature. He has been in war against her Animonda since then; they kind of exchange the control of the country since then. Used to be muslim, marxist, etc.

Ecuador as Chibi Anime Characters

Ecuador as Chibi Anime Characters

Andrea Solís and Carlos Moreno from Ecuador as Chibi Anime Characters.


Andrea Solís:
From: Quito, Ecuador
Birthday: August 10
Ethnic Group: Mestizo
Likes: Talk nonsense, Coffee
Hates: United States, Capitalism
Favorite Food: Ceviche
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
Andrea has a problem, she never knows when to close her mouth. Mostly everything she says lacks of context; it’s said that this problem is caused because her obsession for the coffee.
 Carlos Moreno:
From: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Birthday: May 13
Ethnic Group: Mestizo
Likes: Keynesian economics
Hates: Capitalism, Austrian Economics
Favorite Food: Churrasco
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
A Keynesian economics, he hates Leonie (Austria) because her Austrian Economics, who considers it too elitist and racist.

East Timor as Chibi Anime Characters

East Timor as Chibi Anime Characters

Norberto Sarmento and Adalgisa Santos from East Timor as Chibi Anime Characters.


Norberto Sarmento:
From: Dili, East Timor
Birthday: May 20
Ethnic Group: Austronesian
Likes: Starbucks (due Starbucks buys a lot of East Timor coffee)
Hates: Indonesia
Favorite Food: Batar daan, Tapai, Coffee
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
A survivor of the Indonesia’s Dili Massacre of East Timor, he hates Indonesia with all his heart. He tries his best to carry on his country but due it’s too poor it’s a difficult task.
Adalgisa Santos:
From: Santiago, East Timor
Birthday: November 28
Ethnic Group: Austronesian
Likes: East Timor mythology and culture
Hates: Indonesia, Islam, Hunger, Life expectancy
Favorite Food: Feijoada
Favorite Sport: Doesn’t have
Religion: Roman Catholic
A illiterace woman who works in the coffee harvesting.

Costa Rica as Chibi Anime Characters

Costa Rica as Chibi Anime Characters

Maura Díaz and Enrique Morán from Costa Rica  as Chibi Anime Characters


Maura Díaz:
From: San José, Costa Rica
Birthday: March 21
Ethnic Group: Castizo
Likes: Ecology
Hates: Hunting, Destruction of the Ecosystem
Favorite Food: Gallo Pinto, Coffee
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
Maura is ecologist and progresist, she has devoted her life to mantain the ecosystem of her country intact. Also she is a fiar governant, keeping her country in the highetst levels of HDI in Latin America.
Enrique Morán:
From: Puerto Limón, Costa Rica
Birthday: September 15
Ethnic Group: Mestizo
Likes: Music, His Guitar
Hates: Bitter people
Favorite Food: Casado
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
Enrique is a bohemian musician. He always travels with his guitar and plays to make people happy.

Colombia as Chibi Anime Characters

Colombia as Chibi Anime Characters

Juan José Rodríguez and Valentina Sánchez from Colombia as Chibi Anime Characters.


Juan José Rodríguez:
From: Bogotá, Colombia
Birthday: July 20
Ethnic Group: Mestizo
Likes: Hunting his enemies
Hates: Drug Cartels, FARC
Favorite Food: Valluna, Ajiaco, Coffee
Favorite Sport: Football, Baseball
Religion: Roman Catholic
A cocaine addict in rehab, now he has his own veddetta against the drug warlords and the FARC. He also have a hate-love relationship with Venezuela.
Valentina Sánchez:
From: Medellín, Colombia
Birthday: July 4
Ethnic Group: White Colombian
Likes: Peace
Hates: Everybody tells her she’s a pussy
Favorite Food: Bandeja paisa
Favorite Sport: Roller skater, Cycling
Religion: Roman Catholic
She want’s to make Colombia a country of peace, trying to tame FARC. Nobody can tell if this is good or simply naive.

Burundi as Chibi Anime Characters

Burundi as Chibi Anime Characters

Fabrice Barankitse and Nadege Mbonimpa from Burundi as Chibi Anime Characters.


Fabrice Barankitse:
From: Bujumbura, Burundi
Birthday: July 1
Ethnic Group: Hutu
Likes: Power, Gold
Hates: Tutsi
Favorite Food: Bananas with beans
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
A brutal and psychopath Animondo, hates Nadege because racial issues.
Nadege Mbonimpa:
From: Gitega, Burundi
Birthday: July 1
Ethnic Group: Tutsi
Likes: Peace, Oral Traditions
Hates: Racism
Favorite Food: Coffee
Favorite Sport: Basketball, Track and field
Religion: Roman Catholic
A poor girl who has been escaping long time from his brutal Animondo. She tries to make peace with him and live along.