Australia as Chibi Anime Characters

Australia as Chibi Anime Characters

Oliver Anderson and Olivia Taylor from Australia as Chibi Anime Characters


Oliver Anderson:
From: Canberra, Australia
Birthday: October 9
Ethnic Group: Australian
Likes: Party, Surfing, going to the beach
Hates: Whale Hunting, Boring people
Favorite Food: Kangaroo meat
Favorite Sport: Rugby, Football
Religion: Anglican Communion
An ex-convict with a lot of sense of humor. Loves to party with his friends with some good beer and BBQ
Olivia Taylor:
From: Sydney, Australia
Birthday: March 3
Ethnic Group: Australian
Likes: Hunting cocrodiles, Safaris
Hates: Animal Rights
Favorite Food: Crocodile meat
Favorite Sport: Swimming, Cricket
Religion: Roman Catholic
The real Cocrodile hunter. If there’s a lizard, she’ll tease it and hunt it!