Cape Verde as Chibi Anime Characters

Cape Verde as Chibi Anime Characters


Daphné de Sousa and Enzo Lopes from Cape Verde as Chibi Anime Characters.


Daphné de Sousa:
From: Praia, Cape Verde
Birthday: ???? (1462)
Ethnic Group: Mulatto
Likes: Fishing, Carnivals, Morna music
Hates: Having few national resources
Favorite Food: Cachupa
Favorite Sport: Wave sailing, Kiteboarding
Religion: Roman Catholic
Used to be a slave merchant, but after her independence from Portugal, now she has a very properous port activities.
Enzo Lopes:
From: Mindelo, Cape Verde
Birthday: July 5
Ethnic Group: Mulatto
Likes: Tourism, Walk around the praça
Hates: Droughts
Favorite Food: Pastel
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
Used to be a slave, but since the slave abolition, he has worked along Daphné. He controls the tourism of the islands.