France as Chibi Anime Characters

France as Chibi Anime Characters

François Petit and Marianne Moreau from France as Chibi Anime Characters.

François Petit:
From: Paris, France
Birthday: July 14
Ethnic Group: French
Likes: Smoking, Wine, Poetry
Hates: People who doesn’t understand his high ethics and intellect like Ethan (United States)
Favorite Food: Crêpe, Pot au feu, Mille-feuille, Champagne wine, Roquefort cheese, Cassoulet
Favorite Sport: Football, Parkour
Religion: Agnostic
A pessimist poet who is always whining about everything.
Marianne Moreau:
From: Versailles, France
Birthday: October 5
Ethnic Group: French
Likes: Modeling, Love movies, PETA
Hates: Gay people, Meat-eating people
Favorite Food: Ratatouille, Mesclun Salad, Crème brûlée
Favorite Sport: Tennis, Cycling, Savate
Religion: Roman Catholic
A beautiful tree-hugger model who loves animals more that people. She’s an hardcore activist from PETA.

Estonia as Chibi Anime Characters

Estonia as Chibi Anime Characters

Hele Koppel and Kristjan Tamm from Estonia as Chibi Anime Characters.


Hele Koppel:
From: Tallinn, Estonia
Birthday: August 20
Ethnic Group: Estonian (not nordic miss Hele)
Likes: Free Market, Nordic Culture
Hates: Russia, Communism
Favorite Food: Cabbage with mushrooms
Favorite Sport: Kiiking, Basketball
Religion: Agnostic
She still have nightmares with Russia invasion over and over. She hates being called baltic and prefer be called nordic, because she feels more like Finnish than Estonian. Nobody understand this.
Kristjan Tamm:
From: Tartu, Estonia
Birthday: February 24
Ethnic Group: Estonian
Likes: C++, Internet
Hates: Cleaning his office, socialice
Favorite Food: Junk food
Favorite Sport: Sport and Geek doesn’t belong to the same sentence
Religion: Agnostic
An informatic geek who is hated because he created Skype, and Skype kind of sucks.

Czech Republic as Chibi Anime Characters

Czech Republic as Chibi Anime Characters

Matyáš Procházka and Eliška Nováková from Czech Republic as Chibi Anime Characters.


Matyáš Procházka:
From: Prague, Czech Republic
Birthday: January 1
Ethnic Group: Czech
Likes: Heavy Metal
Hates: Justin Bieber, Sissy Pop
Favorite Food: Pilsner Urquell
Favorite Sport: Football, Ice hockey
Religion: Atheist
A heavy metal rocker, he can only say words very deep and slowly.
Eliška Nováková:
From: České Budějovice, Czech Republic
Birthday: October 28
Ethnic Group: Czech
Likes: Videogames, Japanese Anime, Steal stuff
Hates: Slovenia, Being called thief
Favorite Food: Svíčková na smetaně, Guláš, Smažák
Favorite Sport: Tennis
Religion: Agnostic
Whatever she sells you, be sure it’s not original. Dyies her hair as an anime doll.