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Andorra – Animondos –

Andorra - Animondos -

Francesca Ferrer and Arnau Martell from Andorra

Algeria - Animondos -

Karima Hannachi and Omar Zidane from Animondos

Albania - Animondos -

Alesandro Hoxha and Uendi Dushku from Albania


Ahmad Khan and Khaperai Sherzai from Afghanistan

Animondos: Postmodern Art

Animondos: Postmodern Art

Hipster America is going to a Postmodern Art Exhibition, something too underground that you probably just don’t understand.

Japan Wallpaper HD – Animondos –

Japan Wallpaper HD (2560 x 1600) starring Yamamoto Sasuke and Takahashi Yui with their folk costumes at the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

Animondos: Halloween or Dia de Muertos?

Halloween or Dia de Muertos? That’s the question…

Animondos: Happy Halloween - Dia de Muertos

Happy Halloween – Dia de Muertos!

Animondos: The New Canada

Animondos: The New Canada

There were Elections in Canada? If nobody tells us, we wouldn’t know…

Animondos: Everything gives you Cancer

With the new and amazing study about the red meat may give you cancer, we are wondering, what doesn’t give you cancer?

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