Costa Rica as Chibi Anime Characters

Costa Rica as Chibi Anime Characters

Maura Díaz and Enrique Morán from Costa Rica  as Chibi Anime Characters


Maura Díaz:
From: San José, Costa Rica
Birthday: March 21
Ethnic Group: Castizo
Likes: Ecology
Hates: Hunting, Destruction of the Ecosystem
Favorite Food: Gallo Pinto, Coffee
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
Maura is ecologist and progresist, she has devoted her life to mantain the ecosystem of her country intact. Also she is a fiar governant, keeping her country in the highetst levels of HDI in Latin America.
Enrique Morán:
From: Puerto Limón, Costa Rica
Birthday: September 15
Ethnic Group: Mestizo
Likes: Music, His Guitar
Hates: Bitter people
Favorite Food: Casado
Favorite Sport: Football
Religion: Roman Catholic
Enrique is a bohemian musician. He always travels with his guitar and plays to make people happy.

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