Canada as Chibi Anime Characters

Canada as Chibi Anime Characters

Emily Campbell and Liam Smith from Canada as Chibi Anime Characters.


Emily Campbell:
From: Toronto, Canada
Birthday: July 1
Ethnic Group: European Canadian
Likes: Awful Pop Music, Awful comedy, Awful movies
Hates: Nobody knows her
Favorite Food: Montreal-style smoked meat, Peameal bacon
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Religion: Roman Catholic
Nobody knows her and she’s desesperate for attention. She’ll do ANYTHING for being known.
Liam Smith:
From: Vancouver, Canada
Birthday: April 17
Ethnic Group: European Canadian
Likes: Lumberjack, Salmon Fishing, Seal clubbing
Hates: PETA, Greenpeace
Favorite Food: Maple syrup, Salmon jerky
Favorite Sport: Hockey
Religion: United Church of Canada
A redneck lumberjack who lives in the forest. He doesn’t know too much about civilization. PETA and Greenpeace are hunting him in order to kill him.

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