Bhutan as Chibi Anime Characters

Bhutan as Chibi Anime Characters

Sanggyae Adhikari and Jamin Singh from Bhutan as Chibi Anime Characters.


Sanggyae Adhikari :
From: Thimphu, Bhutan
Birthday: December 17
Ethnic Group: Bhutanese
Likes: Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist culture, Isolation
Hates: Alien influences, Freedom of religion
Favorite Food: Ema datshi
Favorite Sport: Digor
Religion: Vajrayana Buddhism
A isolated king that will use any force to destroy any person trying to make something against his culture.
Jamin Singh:
From: Phuntsholing, Bhutan
Birthday: August 8
Ethnic Group: Bhutanese
Likes: National Dress (Gho), Festivals, Zhungdra and Boedra music
Hates: Nothing
Favorite Food: Jasha tshoem
Favorite Sport: Archery
Religion: Vajrayana Buddhism
She’s always happy, no matters what, she’ll always smile

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