Belize as Chibi Anime Characters

Belize as Chibi Anime Characters


Maria Magaña and Andy Moody from Belize as Chibi Anime Characters.


Maria Magaña:
From: Belmopan, Belize
Birthday: ??? (1500 BC)
Ethnic Group: Mayan
Likes: Mayan Culture
Hates: Spanish conquest, Modernism
Favorite Food: Caldo, Tamales
Favorite Sport: Cycling
Religion: Maya religion
A mayan girl who wants to revive the Mayan culture worldwide.
Andy Moody:
From: Belize City, Belize
Birthday: September 21
Ethnic Group: Hispanic Belizean
Likes: Easy life
Hates: Slavery, Sugar
Favorite Food: Fry Jack
Favorite Sport: Fishing
Religion: Roman Catholic
Used to be a sugar harvesting slave in old times, now he spends his life fishing..

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