Bangladesh as Chibi Anime Characters

Bangladesh as Chibi Anime Characters

Nishat Sheikh and Tanvir Rahman from Bangladesh as Chibi Anime Characters.


Nishat Sheikh:
From: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Birthday: August 14
Ethnic Group: Bengali
Likes: Nature, Dhallywood
Hates: India
Favorite Food: Biryani
Favorite Sport: Cricket
Religion: Sunni Islam
A prideful young Dhallywood actress.
Tanvir Rahman:
From: Chittagong, Bangladesh
Birthday: March 26
Ethnic Group: Bengali
Likes: Textiles, Craftmanship, Jamdani muslin
Hates: Bengal Tigers, Poverty
Favorite Food: Rôshogolla
Favorite Sport: Kabaddi
Religion: Sunni Islam
He used to live in the wilderness and tiger loved to prey them, that’s why he hates them. Now he has a textile company.

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