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Argentina as Chibi Anime Characters

Agustina Rodríguez and Benjamín Fernández from Argentina as Chibi Anime Characters
Agustina Rodríguez:
From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Birthday: May 25
Ethnic Group: European descent
Likes: Herself
Hates: England
Favorite Food: Asado, Milk Candy
Favorite Sport: Football, Pato
Religion: Roman Catholic

A beautiful argentine girl who had fell in love with herself. She hates England because she has Falklands Islands and she’s obsessed  on getting it back


Benjamín Fernández:
From: Córdoba, Argentina
Birthday: May 1
Ethnic Group: European descent
Likes: Tango
Hates: Being called racist
Favorite Food: Churrasco, Chorizo
Favorite Sport: Dancing Tango, Basketball
Religion: Roman Catholic

A snob tango dancer who believes Argentina is better than any other country.

Argentina of Animondos

Argentina at the Obelisk of Buenos Aires

Argentina is one of the main characters of Animondos. A narcissist Latimonda, she is in love of herself and always speak with me at first. She os also a tango and mate loving Animonda.

She’s at war with England because of the Falkland Islands whom she has always fighting and disscucions.


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