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Animondos #26 Nuclear Healing


animondos 26 Nuclear HealingAmerica shows to the Animondos his brand-new nuclear policy, along with Russia and China


Animondos #25 U.N. Whores

animondos 25 UN whoresEverybody wants some attention at the U.N., pity this attention is only given to the rich and powerful animondos….



animondos 18 For the Falkland Islands

Venezuela has made the Latimondos agree to help Argentina recover Falkland Islands from the evil hands of England. But how could she convinced them? Two big bouncing plans maybe?



Animondos #6 Where’s Italy?

animondos 6 where is italy

As England and Argentina discuss, Italy seems to miss something very important. What could it be?

Animondos #5 Honduras’ Crisis

animondos 5 honduras crisis

Honduras has lost his house so Argentina and Bolivia seek help from America. What adventures await them with the America’s ideas?

Argentina of Animondos

Argentina at the Obelisk of Buenos Aires

Argentina is one of the main characters of Animondos. A narcissist Latimonda, she is in love of herself and always speak with me at first. She os also a tango and mate loving Animonda.

She’s at war with England because of the Falkland Islands whom she has always fighting and disscucions.

South Africa World Cup Group B

Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea and Greece

Animondos get ready for the Football World Cup at South Africa. In this edition we present the group “B” conformed by: Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea and Greece.

My prediction of this group are Argentina and Greece. But Nigeria could give us a surprise :D

Flickr Album of Animondos

America´s Wallpaper from Animondos

Check out the new Flickr Album of Animondos, 100 countries in total!

The goal is to cover ALL THE WORLD, so les hope we can make it!


Thanks and enjoy!


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