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Animondos #6 Where’s Italy?

animondos 6 where is italy

As England and Argentina discuss, Italy seems to miss something very important. What could it be?

Animondos #5 Honduras’ Crisis

animondos 5 honduras crisis

Honduras has lost his house so Argentina and Bolivia seek help from America. What adventures await them with the America’s ideas?

animondos 4 pandemic outbreak

Finally the virus has arrived to the America‘s House. What will do the America‘s friends? May they don’t commite suicide like Japan likes to…

Animondos #3 Pandemic

animondos 3 pandemicSomething mysterious takes by surprise to America and his group, but what could it be?

Animondos 2 America the Democrat

Animondos 2 America the Democrat

A heated discussion about the name of the team begins.

Animondos #1 America’s Friends

Animondos 1 America friends

The adventures of the Animondos have just begun.

Meet some of the characters who will share their life with the adventures of America.


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